Hawi" Launch on June 21 Chess Tournament in Eastern Province

on June 21, the chess tournament will be held in the Eastern Province for hobbyists by the National Hobby Portal, which is one of the Quality of Life Program Center initiatives. Such a tournament aims at promoting and motivating individuals to practice their hobbies.
The tournament will be located in the Dammam`s Green Halls with the participation of more than 100 hobbyists. Registering for the chess tournament is via the "Hawi"application that is available in smart device stores.
Moreover, such a tournament targets all hobbyists of chess in the Eastern Province. Additionally, it has been decided that a tournament will be played according to the Swiss system tournament. It will be played with ten minutes of thinking with an addition of five seconds for both players with each move.
This tournament required that the total of its awards reach 15 thousand Riyals. The player should be registered in “Hawi” application to have the opportunity to participate as well as adhere to the public decency laws such as dress and other laws.
The chess tournament in Eastern Province is part of many series of tournaments and competitions held by “Hawi” to develop the hobbies sector throughout the Kingdom. Hawi has a significant role that is seen in motivating individuals to practice their hobbies in various age groups as well as expanding the base of chess with a focus on praiseworthy sportsmanship among the community.
It is worth mentioning that, the hobbies sector in the Kingdom has witnessed exponential growth since assigning everything related to the sector to the Quality of Life Program Center. Whereas the center was established by (12) government agencies concerned with the hobbies sector (Hawai) to provide support and enablehobbyists of both genders in various hobbies along with continuous awareness of the importance of practicinghobbies.

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