TGA Announces 1st Phase of Decisions Regulating Order Delivery Sector

The Transport General Authority (TGA) announced today the commencement of the first phase of decisions aimed at regulating the order delivery sector. This phase includes three key decisions: mandating non-Saudis to join licensed companies for light transport, restricting self-employment to Saudis in four regions of the Kingdom, and issuing regulations governing the use of motorcycles for order delivery in collaboration with the General Directorate of Traffic. Additionally, the TGA stated that drivers will be required to wear uniforms.
In the initial phase, non-Saudi drivers must work for licensed light transport companies, and self-employment will be limited to Saudis in the regions of Al-Baha, Jazan, Najran, and Northern Borders. The current situation in the rest of the Kingdom will remain unchanged until the second phase of decisions is announced.
The TGA, in collaboration with the General Directorate of Traffic, has established regulations for motorcycle usage, encompassing general requirements, registration prerequisites, technical specifications for bicycles, driver responsibilities, and permitted geographic areas for operating. These regulations emphasize obtaining a valid operating card, adhering to weight and dimension limitations, and avoiding restricted roads.
This initiative by the TGA aims to ensure service quality in the delivery sector, protect consumer rights, and mitigate traffic risks associated with the increasing use of motorized bikes. Compliance with these regulations is crucial for fostering a safe and organized environment, ultimately enhancing the delivery experience for both consumers and drivers. Detailed information regarding the regulations is available on the Authority's website.
Furthermore, the TGA has introduced uniforms for non-Saudi drivers, consisting of two models: one designated for employees of licensed companies in light transport and another for establishments offering delivery services through applications. Saudi drivers are also required to adhere to general appearance standards, which contribute to a professional image and enhance service quality and reliability.
The TGA confirmed that self-employment will continue in other regions, with the second phase of decisions set to be announced before July 1, 2024. The Authority remains committed to monitoring the implementation of decisions and evaluating their impact on the sector, as part of its broader efforts to enhance professionalism among drivers and improve service quality in the delivery sector, while also facilitating effective citizen engagement.

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