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Saudi Arabia Implements 50% Reduction on Accumulated Traffic Fines

The General Department of Traffic has commenced an initiative offering a 50% reduction on accumulated traffic fines for violators. This initiative applies to citizens, residents, visitors, and citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, provided the violations occurred before April 18, 2024.

 To qualify for the 50% reduction, individuals must settle all outstanding traffic violations within a six-month window, starting today April 18 and ending on October 18, 2024. Payment can be made through the SADAD payment system or the National Violations Platform (Efaa). Authorities warn against engaging with any links, phone calls, or websites that claim alternative methods of payment.

 It is important to note that certain violations committed after April 18, 2024, will disqualify individuals from receiving the 50% discount. These violations include reckless driving (drifting), driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, speeding by more than 50 km/h on roads with a speed limit of 120 km/h or less, and speeding by more than 30 km/h on roads with a speed limit of 140 km/h.

 For violations committed after the initiative launch date, Article 75 of the Traffic Law will apply, offering a standard 25% reduction in fines according to the legal timeframe.

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