Deputy Governor of Makkah Region Inspects ‘Hajj Lounges’ at Jeddah Airport

Deputy Governor of Makkah Region, and Vice Chairman of the Hajj Central Committee Prince Saud bin Mishal bin Abdulaziz today toured the Hajj and Umrah terminal complex at King Abdulaziz International Airport, in Jeddah, to assess the readiness of agencies that serve pilgrims.
The Prince visited 143 passport counters, the 31 customs areas, the health center, the 24 external loading area, which covers 35,000 square meters, and the work of security and operational personnel at the airport.
Prince Saud was at the airport as a flight carrying 400 pilgrims benefitting from the Makkah Route Initiative from Surabaya, in the Republic of Indonesia, landed. He presented gifts to them.

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