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Grand Mosque and Prophet's Mosque Intensify Guidance Programs for Pilgrims

In preparation for the upcoming Hajj season, the Presidency for Religious Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques is implementing a comprehensive program to enhance the spiritual journey of millions of pilgrims. It prioritizes both deepening their faith and providing them with a wealth of knowledge.

 The program offers a wider range of informative, spiritual, and counseling sessions. These enriched guidance programs will be led by scholars and teachers specifically trained to raise awareness about Sharia teachings. This focus on disseminating knowledge ensures that pilgrims return home with a deeper understanding of their faith and the significance of their Hajj experience.

 The presidency recognizes the power of technology in reaching a global audience, and as such, plans to leverage artificial intelligence, and smart applications, and use various languages to deliver the moderate message of the two holy mosques.

 Sheikh Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, President of Religious Affairs at the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque, emphasized the program's core objectives, and highlighted the importance of strengthening faith through lessons and lectures aimed at fostering a more meaningful spiritual experience for pilgrims.

 He also stressed the crucial role of eminent scholars and teachers in spreading accurate Islamic knowledge and enriching the legacy of the two holy mosques. He said that integrating technology not only enhances accessibility but also broadens the reach of the mosques message of tolerance, moderation, and peaceful coexistence.

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