Riyadh - SPA
Handicraft Products Introduce Red Sea Tourists to Saudi Heritage

Saudi Artisanal Company has provided handicraft products inspired by Saudi heritage to tourists at the Red Sea destination, aiming to introduce and highlight aspects of the national culture.

 The selected products vary and include luxurious serving dishes inspired by the door engravings in some regions of the Kingdom, the katheeb (dune) incense burner inspired by the movement and beauty of dunes, and a collection of unique wicker cups with innovative designs and colors, in addition to other sustainable products that enhance the connection between modern design and cultural heritage.

 This initiative represents one phase of collaboration between Saudi Artisanal Company and Red Sea Global, aligning with their shared vision to support the handicraft sector, provide sustainable income for craftspeople, and introduce local and international tourists to Saudi heritage.

 Through its partnerships, Saudi Artisanal Company aims to target major tourist destinations in the Kingdom, serving as a platform to showcase handicraft products with local identity to tourists from the Kingdom and abroad.

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