Volunteering in Saudi Arabia: A Success Story with Massive Achievements

Volunteer work represents a fundamental pillar in building interconnected and prosperous communities. It goes beyond mere humanitarianism, playing a crucial role in embodying a positive spirit, social and national responsibility and is embraced by people within society.
Volunteering also serves as evidence of the vitality of civilization and the progress that nations strive for, through principles that shape the human spirit.
Volunteering is clearly manifested during the month of Ramadan, where individuals eagerly and diligently participate in charitable works and voluntary initiatives. During Ramadan, these individuals sense the role of such noble deeds, leveraging the spirit of teamwork and cooperation to achieve goodness and help those in need.
According to remarks to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the National Volunteer Portal reported that the number of male and female volunteers exceeded 834,300 during the period from January to the end of 2023. More than 75 million people benefited from volunteer activities, the portal’s administration said, noting that the economic return from volunteer work in Saudi Arabia amounted to more than 1.23 billion Saudi Riyals.
Meanwhile, volunteer opportunities amounted to 528,310, surpassing the specified annual target of 260,000 opportunities. The volunteer hours reached 53,551,818 hours, while the economic value provided by volunteers amounted to 92.41 riyals per person instead of the annual target of 64.50 riyals.
The number of registered individuals on the National Volunteer Portal reached 1,810,205 registrants, and the number of registered entities on the platform reached 6,305 entities. These significant leaps in the figures and statistics of volunteering efforts demonstrate Saudi Arabia’s commitment to enhancing social development and achieving Saudi Vision 2030.

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