Khaled Aloud (Riyadh Daily)
The "Vegetation Cover Center" organizes the first edition of the National Greening Forum under the title "Towards a Greener Future."

The National Center for the Development of Vegetation Cover and Combating Desertification announces the organization of the first edition of the National Greening Forum on Monday, May 6, 2024; with the aim of gathering national efforts, unifying energies, coordinating them, and achieving the desired integration between various sectors (public, private, and non-profit) to achieve the goals of the Saudi Green Initiative to grow 10 billion trees. The forum targets all entities in various sectors, in addition to specialists and those interested in the environmental field, and the general public of various demographic segments.

The forum aims to introduce the National Greening Program, enhance the role of government, private, and non-profit sectors in achieving the goals of the Saudi Green Initiative to grow 10 billion trees, enhance communication with all participating entities, provide them with information and updates, help them perform their role in the program and create integrated work, showcase bright models, as well as stimulate their participation, in addition to highlighting investment opportunities, showcasing sector developments, and organizing community participation from all its categories to reach ambitious national goals in the environmental field.

The forum will cover a number of topics in panel discussions, aiming to enhance national efforts towards the development of vegetation cover and increase green spaces, including: reviewing the multiple benefits of the National Greening Program, which cover environmental sustainability and supervision, economic growth, investment opportunities, and the use of nature-based solutions for vegetation development, discussing current and future greening efforts made by various sectors in the Kingdom, and emphasizing the enabling factors necessary for success, including policies and regulations, and stakeholder participation from public, private, and non-profit sectors.

The topics also include discussing lessons learned from the largest greening projects on both local and global scales, which demonstrate the potential for radical change through reform efforts, in addition to getting to know local efforts to develop nurseries, understanding international greening projects and the challenges they face in developing nurseries and seed banks, as well as researching the development of nursery growth standards to improve the quality of plants available for various projects, and enabling community participation by enhancing stakeholder cooperation and learning how to navigate the seed and tree supply chain effectively to achieve the best planting results.

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