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Esports World Cup Trophy: a Masterpiece Blending Esports Spirit, Saudi Culture

The Esports World Cup Foundation unveiled the details of the unique trophy for the biggest event in the gaming and esports industry's history. The trophy will be awarded to the club that accumulates the most points throughout the eight-week competition using the points system within the Esports World Cup.

 Crafted from 24-karat gold-plated sterling silver and standing 60 cm tall, the trophy stands as a milestone in the history of esports. It features a unique design that embodies the spirit of esports and celebrates the champions of challenge and competition while also incorporating elements that reflect the heritage and culture of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

 The creative design journey of the trophy involved more than ten prominent concepts, refined through hand drawings and two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) designs. It incorporated many advanced techniques to ensure the accuracy and beauty of the trophy, carrying unique symbolism in its design.

 The crown perched upon the globe at the top of the trophy symbolizes the crowned champions as kings in the world of esports. The trophy's body features a set of interlocking triangles inspired by game-controller buttons while resembling a palm tree trunk as a prominent element in the Kingdom's culture. The handles were designed to be inspired by the shape of the electrical wires used in computers, while the Esports World Cup logo was carefully placed on the base of the trophy to highlight the identity and importance of the event in the history of the industry at the regional and global levels.

 During the tournament, each participating team is given a unique triangular key with a distinctive outer frame. When a team wins, the winning team's triangle is placed on the championship shield they have won as a memento of winning the championship, while the outer frame is placed on the honor board, which honors all championship winners.

 The winning team has the opportunity to choose three keys from among the teams they have defeated to be crushed by a press machine and placed under the honor board, immortalizing the challenge they faced throughout the tournament. The losing teams keep the outer frame and are also given a symbolic key as a souvenir, serving as a testament to their remarkable journey in the first edition of the Esports World Cup.

 This year’s tournament will continue until August 25, and its visitors will have a date with unique experiences that blend sports, entertainment, education, culture, creativity, and art, suitable for all family members. About 1,500 players representing 500 clubs from the elite of international clubs will be competing in 22 tournaments, with the largest financial prizes in the industry's history, exceeding $60 million.

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