Debashis Chatterjee, CEO & MD, LTIMindtree

Spokesperson: Debashis Chatterjee, CEO & MD, LTIMindtree
Chatterjee: LTIMindtree is one of the leading IT services providers in the region and Saudi Arabia is a strategic focus region for us

Can you provide an overview of LTIMindtree Limited and the key services it offers in the Kingdom’s IT sector?

LTIMindtree has been operating in KSA for the past two decades and has become one of the leading IT services providers in the region. Our expertise spans multiple industry verticals, with a particular focus on Energy, Financial Services, Public Sector, Giga Projects, and Travel & Hospitality. We also offer value-added services across Application Development, Cloud & Infrastructure, AI, Data Analytics & Insights, System Integration, and IT Consulting.  

What are some notable projects or initiatives in KSA that LTIMindtree has been involved in recently?

LTIMindtree executes key projects for its customers across industry segments aimed at accelerating digital and business transformation. A few notable ones include: 

a. Digitalizing the sales value chain for a leading energy client using the latest low-code no-code platforms

b. End-to-end Managed Services for a large utility company 

c. Application Modernization for a leading bank in KSA

d. S/4 HANA-led transformation for large oil & gas and petrochem customers in the region 

Can you discuss the company's expansion plans or growth strategy in the Saudi Arabian market?

Saudi Arabia is a strategic focus region for LTIMindtree due to its immense potential for IT and digital services. We have entered a strategic partnership with Aramco Digital to form a joint venture that will serve as the regional hub for IT and Digital Transformation Services in the MENA region and create jobs and promote local content. This joint venture will cater to the Energy, Financial, Public Services, Giga Projects, and Travel & Hospitality sectors. We also plan to establish multiple delivery centers across KSA, starting in Riyadh and Dhahran, focused on innovation and capacity building in various IT segments. 

This June, we are inaugurating our regional headquarters in Riyadh. This is in alignment with the KSA government’s Regional Headquarters Program and is a key milestone towards supporting, managing, and directing our regional strategic business initiatives. It also aligns with KSA’s wider vision for 2030, and its strategy for economic diversification, development, and growth. 

How does LTIMindtree incorporate sustainability and corporate social responsibility into its business practices?

At LTIMindtree, sustainability and CSR are fundamental to our identity, and guide every decision and action. Our ESG vision focuses on three priorities: strategies for a greener future, fostering an inclusive community, and exemplary governance. We use over 44% renewable energy and implement a 3R approach to water conservation, recycling 92% of our water and reducing consumption by 57%. All our facilities aim for green building certification.

Our climate goals include achieving net-zero emissions by 2040, 85% renewable energy use, and water positivity in India by 2030. We are committed to diversity, with 30.69% of our workforce being women and 10% in leadership roles.

Many of our market offerings and services are ESG-centric, aligning with customer needs and compliance. Despite global challenges, we maintain strong financial performance and high customer satisfaction, balancing People, Planet, and Profit with a high-tech, high-touch approach.

What are some key technological trends that LTIMindtree is leveraging to stay ahead in the market?

One of the seminal trends we are tracking and investing in is Generative AI. Our Generative AI offering,, is an enterprise-ready platform designed to accelerate the journey from concept to value, while adhering to mindful AI principles. Additionally, our other cloud-based platforms—Canvas CloudXperienz and Navisource.AI—are specifically designed to assist clients in integrating and leveraging Generative AI in their day-to-day operations.

Apart from Generative AI and AI in general, we have been at the forefront of evangelizing emerging technologies such as Zero Trust Architectures, Platforms at Scale, and Quantum technologies, ensuring we get our clients to the future, faster. 

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