Over 120,000 Lights Installed at the Grand Mosque with Latest Technologies

The Grand Mosque boasts over 120,000 lighting units throughout its courtyards, roof, minarets, and expansions. The extensive display reflects the care and attention given by the wise leadership to the Two Holy Mosques.
The mosque features approximately 6,900 large chandeliers and over 500 differently shaped chandeliers, lanterns, and lamps. The fixtures are decorated with Islamic-inspired designs, some of which are engraved with verses from the Holy Quran in beautiful artistic and decorative lines.
The Grand Mosque also has over 1,000 LED lighting units distributed throughout its premises. These units are connected to a special control station that uses the latest lighting, control, and density technologies. The units are installed on the surrounding pillars and external walls. They consist of chandeliers, lanterns, and lamps that operate on an LED energy-efficient lighting system, improving lighting efficiency and saving energy.
The Grand Mosque's chandeliers, lanterns, and lamps have a unique design that is consistent with its architectural style. They are made of stainless steel coated with 2-micron gold. Each chandelier weighs 280 kilograms and has a protective layer of lacquer that resists scratches and shocks. The suspension system dedicated to them is of the "duplex" type, which is dynamic and flexible, resistant to air currents and climate changes. The system has been engineered according to the best technical specifications and practices in the field and complies with the Saudi Building Code.
The General Authority for the Care of the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque is responsible for regularly maintaining the lighting units at the Two Holy Mosques, including polishing and ensuring the proper functioning of the spotlights and their connections.
Maintenance teams also take care of the lanterns of Ismail's Stone by replacing the spotlight entirely in case of failure. The lanterns are disassembled, and their parts are stripped of old paint, treated, and then polished by a team specialized in metalwork using materials and equipment dedicated to rehabilitating and maintaining metals. Afterward, the lantern is coated with gold water that has a thickness of 4 microns.
The authority's General Administration of Operation and Maintenance also conducts monthly maintenance of the three Ismail's Stone chandeliers. These chandeliers are designed as lanterns that stand on a broad base. The lanterns are decorated with arches and have a glass background that allows light to pass through. The lanterns end with a pointed head shaped like a crescent. The lanterns have a 40-watt LED spotlight that emits a green glow.

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