King Khalid University Students Win Two Gold, Two Silver Medals at Geneva Inventions Expo

Students from King Khalid University clinched two gold medals and two silver medals at the 49th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (IEIG), held from April 17 to 21, featuring over 1,000 inventions from approximately 50 countries worldwide.
The university, represented by the Center of Talent, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship in collaboration with the Student Affairs Deanship, showcased four projects spanning various fields.
Student Hasel Muhammad Al-Asmari from the College of Education spearheaded one project aimed at enhancing traffic safety on roads using modern technologies, earning two gold medals. Meanwhile, student Naif Ali Al-Qahtani from the College of Engineering crafted another project focusing on utilizing natural resources to manufacture supercapacitors for cost reduction and environmental preservation, also clinching two gold medals.
The project "Magic Eye," an artificial intelligence (AI) endeavour to detect eye expressions, achieved success by contributing to the discovery of patterns and conditions of students within the classroom using AI. This assists teachers in understanding the level of concentration of male and female students in the classroom. It was developed by Shaima’a Mohammed Al-Qurbi (College of Business), Maram Awad Al-Qahtani (College of Computer Science), Shaima’a Hmood Al-Asiri (College of Computer Science), and Reemaz Faisal Al-Ghamdi (College of Computer Science).
Another project, the Smart Medical Bed, aims to enhance the effectiveness of the intensive care unit and assist doctors in continuously monitoring the patient's condition interactively. This project, created by Ryan Mohammed Al-Qahtani (College of Medicine), secured two silver medals.
Director of the Entrepreneurship Center at King Khalid University and head of the university's participating delegation Dr. Majed Al Othayman highlighted the university's significant scientific and competitive presence at the exhibition. He emphasized the university's role in innovation, entrepreneurship, and representing the nation in international forums, expressing the institution's commitment to supporting students and graduates' ideas and innovations to contribute to raising awareness, empowering the concept of entrepreneurship, and showcasing success stories of university projects to create new job opportunities.
The projects received 15 special awards from countries including Thailand, France, Morocco, the Philippines, Malaysia, China, Korea, Peru, and Latvia.

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