Rural Farms Provide Attractive Environment, Retreat for Madinah Visitors, Residents

Madinah Region boasts numerous rural farms that serve as natural retreats and attractive destinations for many visitors and residents. These farms are prepared to welcome visitors, individuals and groups, offering guidance programs, entertainment, and various food selling points.
The rural farms offer their visitors a variety of activities and programs, including introductions to farming methods and how to care for crops, daily activities carried out by the farm owners, displays of different types of dates and other agricultural products, ancient industries, and handicrafts. Also, visitors can directly buy dates through farm stores and participate in agricultural celebrations and festivals.
SPA captured miscellaneous scenes of visitors coinciding with the beginning of the date harvest on these farms. Visitors enjoyed the seating areas within these farms, which are characterized by moderate weather, as well as the recreational areas designated for families and children. The farms also have restaurants and cafes offering different types of dishes to meet the aspirations of all visitors and residents of the region.

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