SDAIA Launches Awareness Campaign About Protection of Personal Data

The Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence (SDAIA) launched an awareness campaign today under the slogan "Understand the Meaning of Your Data". This initiative aligns with the authority's efforts to promote awareness of the personal data protection system in the Kingdom. As the national reference for data and AI, SDAIA oversees all aspects of organizing, developing, and managing data and AI in the Kingdom.
Chief of the National Data Management Office at SDAIA Alrebdi bin Fahd Al-Rebdi stated that the campaign aims to increase individuals' awareness of the personal data protection system and their rights. It also seeks to educate them about the importance of protecting their personal data, understanding cases of personal data disclosure, and the obligations of entities under the system's provisions.
Al-Rebdi added that through this campaign, SDAIA aims to clarify that personal data owners have several rights under the system. These include the right to know the purpose for which their personal data was processed, the right to request correction of their personal data, and the right to request destruction of this data after the processing purpose has ended.

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