From Mountaintops to Plains, NCVC Ensures the Protection of Saudi Arabia's Diverse Landscape

The National Center for Vegetation Cover Development and Combating Desertification (NCVC) in Taif, Makkah Region, is a dedicated guardian of the Kingdom's natural environment.
The center exerts relentless efforts to safeguard the region's forests, tourist destinations, and agricultural areas.
NCVC employees play a crucial role in realizing the strategic goals of Vision 2030. Their work directly contributes to improving the environment, secures plant cover protection, safeguards forests, and ensures sustainable management of the Kingdom's rich pastures and national parks.
The center's employees patrol the region round the clock, traversing the peaks of the Sarawat mountain range, navigating slopes almost 2,000 meters high, and covering forests, valleys, plains, deserts, and hills across Makkah Region.
Protecting and preserving natural resources, which are essential for human, animal, and overall environmental health, is a top priority for NCVC. The center, aware of the fact that the unique geographical features and diverse plant life in the Kingdom provide a perfect habitat for various plants, shrubs, and trees, actively guards these resources against human threats and encroachments, ensuring the preservation of Saudi Arabia's rich biodiversity.
Beyond its core duties, NCVC actively promotes awareness about the environment throughout the region. It also engages with educational institutions and media outlets to convey its message, which emphasizes the importance of protecting plant life, which has a critical role in maintaining ecological balance.

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