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SCAI Launches SportNative AI Solution to Unlock Potential of Saudi Sports Ecosystem

Saudi Company for Artificial Intelligence (SCAI) unveiled SportNative, a cutting-edge AI-driven sports product suite. Designed to enhance players’ performance, optimize strategies, and transform the fan experience, SportNative emerges as a critical player in shaping the Kingdom’s future in sports technology, according to a SCAI news release.

 In the last year, the Saudi sports sector has attracted greater international attention than ever before due to acquisitions of several legacy sports clubs within the Kingdom and a series of highly publicized investments and successful bids to host international sporting events. Recognizing critical areas for enhancement within the sports landscape, SportNative comes as a strategic response, SCAI said in the statement.

 The AI-driven solution integrates data from various sources into a centralized platform, enabling users in the sports sector to make informed decisions efficiently and effectively. The solution consists of three innovative products: SportNative Platform, SportNative Scout, and SportNative Venue. They will benefit all stakeholders, from executive leadership and coaching staff to new and existing players and the nation’s millions of dedicated sports fans.

 Commenting on the launch, SCAI chief executive Mubarak Alwadaani said, “This AI solution is not just a display of our commitment to innovation but directly supports the sector’s transformation goals of the Public Investment Fund (PIF) and the Ministry of Sports. SportNative is set to elevate every facet of the sporting experience, catalyzing a digital shift in the sports ecosystem in Saudi Arabia".

 Similarly, Hissah Almuneef, the AI director at SCAI, said, "SportNative serves as an AI-driven sports product suite for organizations in the sports sector, enabling them to optimize their operations and harness the full potential of the current sports ecosystem. By generating new insights and value for existing workflows, SportNative ensures these sports organizations stay ahead in the competitive landscape and contribute to the Kingdom's vision of becoming a premier global hub for sports talent and innovation".

 The innovative SportNative Platform seamlessly integrates different data sources and advanced computer vision technology to precisely detect game tactics and offer in-depth team and player performance analysis. Coupled with the Optical Tracking System, the platform delivers real-time feeds for comprehensive team and player monitoring. Access to integrated technologies provides decision-makers with insightful data on every aspect of the game and each player’s performance, reducing the time spent reading and collecting various statistical reports and manually tagging recorded matches.

 Moreover, SportNative Scout leverages AI’s prowess to revolutionize talent discovery and professional scouting, allowing sports organizations to uncover and nurture future stars with unprecedented speed and efficiency. Alongside this, SportNative ecosystem introduces a robust team management system, including a premier Sport Lab and App, designed to facilitate peak performance levels.

 SportNative Venue rounds out the product suite, pushing boundaries further by applying advanced AI technologies to enhance the safety, security, and overall fan experience across sporting venues, marking a significant leap towards comprehensive fan engagement and operational efficiency.

 Currently, SCAI is collaborating with MAHD Academy, utilizing SportNative to support MAHD’s ambition of becoming a global leader in sports talent development. Together, they will employ state-of-the-art tools like Talented Athlete Discovery and Elite Performance Analysis solutions, along with a centralized database designed to identify and nurture Saudi sports champions. The partnership is strategically aligned with MAHD’s objectives to implement top sports technologies and innovative methodologies, aiming to boost the Kingdom’s global sports standing.

 Through SportNative, SCAI aims to contribute to enhancing competitiveness within the sector, help reshape the sports landscape, and establish Saudi Arabia as both a premier global hub for sports talent and sports technology. Stay ahead of the game and learn more about SportNative at: https://scai.sa/sportnative.html

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