National Infrastructure Fund Board Holds First Meeting, Approves Strategic Direction

The National Infrastructure Fund (Infra) board of directors held its first meeting, chaired by Minister of Economy and Planning Faisal bin Fadel Alibrahim.
The board reviewed various topics related to the fund's administration, operations, financing, and investment programs. Additionally, it discussed several other items on the agenda.
The chairman and members of the board praised the efforts made since the fund's establishment, recognizing its significant impact on partnerships with the private sector. They aim to stimulate both local and international investors and attract them to participate in and invest in the implementation of high-quality infrastructure projects. This will be achieved through a range of innovative financing products and solutions that will deepen infrastructure financing markets in the Kingdom.
Infra is one of the development funds and banks affiliated with the National Development Fund (NDF) and serves as a leading development-financing partner in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for infrastructure projects. Its primary objective is to enable and accelerate strategic infrastructure projects in the Kingdom, contributing to the achievement of the goals outlined in the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and enhancing the quality of life for individuals and society. The fund board is chaired by Minister of Economy and Planning Alibrahim, and its membership includes Dr. Nabeel Alamudi, Abdulaziz Alarifi, Dr. Stephen Groff, Eng. Esmail Alsallom, Stephanie von Friedeburg, and Marie Lam-Frendo.

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