Tashkeela Exhibition Exposes Saudi Designers to International Fashion Markets

The Fashion Commission inaugurated the second "Tashkeela" exhibition at the ROSHN Front, offering a platform for local talent and brands to unveil their latest collections.
From ready-to-wear to high-end fashion, the exhibition, which lasts until March 19, boasts a diverse range of designs, including accessories, handbags and shoes, jewelry, and perfumes.
This wide-ranging display is expected to cater to the taste of a wide audience, and attract local fashion experts, influencers with a keen eye for trends, and investors seeking to support the burgeoning Saudi fashion sector.
Shoppers eager to discover the latest styles and champion local businesses will also find themselves immersed in a dynamic fashion experience.
Fashion Commission CEO Burak Çakmak said in an interview with the Saudi Press Agency at the opening of the exhibition that the commission's primary objective is to bolster the fashion industry both locally and internationally. This entails creating opportunities for Saudi brands to access retail markets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and globally.
The event highlights the work of over 160 Saudi designers, including participants in the commission's "100 Saudi Brands" program, which offers training and guidance throughout the year to empower Saudi fashion designers and establish them as successful brands.
The "Tashkeela" exhibition enjoys clear success – the first edition attracted a staggering 22,000 visitors in the course of four days. Building on that achievement, the second edition features not only Saudi designers but also designers from Arab and other countries. This creates a dynamic platform for showcasing diverse fashion talents, Çakmak said.

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