Tabuk - SPA
Zaem Beach: A Picturesque Jewel in Tabuk's Crown

Tabuk region, gracing the northern coast of the Red Sea, boasts stunning beaches with pristine coastlines and captivating views. Among these treasures lies Zaem Beach, a jewel north of Al-Wajh that attracts visitors with its unique charm.

 Zaem Beach unfolds along a picturesque semi-circular bay where gentle waves lap the shore. Tourists flock here to relax under umbrellas and comfortable seating, while children delight in the toys provided. Palm trees and other greenery add a touch of tranquility to the scene.

 Recent aerial footage filmed by SPA reveals the beach's splendor. The crystal-clear waters have a vibrant marine ecosystem teeming with colorful fish and coral reefs. This breathtaking spectacle further cements Zaem Beach's reputation as a must-visit destination in Tabuk.

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