Picking Oranges in AlUla: A Favorite Family Experience

Picking oranges is an integral part of the agricultural life in AlUla Governorate. This year, it coincides with the start of the holy month of Ramadan.
The 4,700 farms in the governate contain over 200,000 citrus trees of various kinds, which cover an area of over 800 hectares, and are capable of producing thousands of tons per season.
Many families in AlUla delight in taking their children to pick oranges, an experience when they interact with the environment.
The journey, accompanied by beautiful weather amid stunning scenery, is not just about picking oranges; it is a unique cultural, agricultural, and tourist experience that draws thousands of worldwide tourists.
The Royal Commission for AlUla organizes a citrus festival annually; it plays an important role in the community.
The event provides job opportunities, supports economic growth, and fosters competition among producers. It offers a unique experience for visitors who get the opportunity to learn about the agricultural sector in AlUla, which yields over 600,000 tons of produce annually, or 30 percent of the total agricultural production in the Kingdom.

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