Fashion Commission Holds“Unveiling the Evolving Landscape of Fashion Insights: Workshop Powered by Fashion Futures”

The Fashion Commission held “Unveiling the Evolving Landscape of Fashion Insights: workshop powered by Fashion Futures” within the inaugural Global Fashion Summit: Next Fashion Horizons with WWD at the King Abdullah Financial District. The workshop was focused on the evolution of fashion futures and highlighting the role of women leadership within the fashion sector.
The workshop “Unveiling the Evolving Landscape of Fashion Insights: powered by Fashion Futures” tackled 4 main points:
Overview about Fashion Futures vision and progress, Presented by Ammar Bogari, General Manager, Saudi Fashion Commission
Fashion Futures Platform and technology, Presented by Stijn Groenink, Senior Partner & Executive Board Member, Metyis
The launch of a new publicization under Fashion Futures “Women in Fashion: The Changing Dynamics of Executive Leadership” report Presented by Layla Alabdrabalnabi, Head of Research & Innovation, Saudi Fashion Commission
Fireside Chat with Executive Female Fashion Leaders: Moderated by: Miner Asli Kurbay, Managing Director & Partner – BCG, with Speakers: Sara Al Rashed, Founder, Asteri and Myf Bagnold, Group Chief Marketing Officer, Cenomi with Asli Kurbay, Managing Director & Partner, BCG
About Fashion Futures:
Fashion Futures was first established in 2019 as a fashion conference and workshop platform in Riyadh. In 2021, the fashion Futures was conducted in-person and virtually to make accessible to anyone in the world and positioned to explore the future of a more sustainable and connected fashion industry, serving as a source of valuable information insights about fashion.
Fashion Futures included workshops, plenary sessions, and networking events. The event aims at providing a roadmap for the future of Saudi and global fashion industry through the exchange of ideas on core themes: sustainability, diversity and culture, innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship in the fashion sector. Hence, Fashion Futures will create an environment for subject-matter-expert knowledge sharing, innovation, and ideation.
Fashion Futures evolved to include a digital platform serving as a portal to valuable insights about the fashion industry. The platform strategic goal is providing key insights and analytics to investors, brands, retailers, and manufacturers, supporting them with data-driven decisions to capitalise on market opportunities. Consequently, shaping the future of the regional fashion industry through a data-driven approach, while driving actionable insights.
About WWD The Global Fashion Summit: Next Fashion Frontiers
The fashion industry gathered in Riyadh for the inaugural WWD The Global Fashion Summit: Next Fashion Frontiers on June 6, 2024. The event was its first edition in Saudi Arabia, underscoring the region's growing influence in the global fashion arena. WWD The Global Fashion Summit: Next Fashion Frontiers is a platform for fashion leaders, innovators and visionaries to explore the next wave of fashion trends, innovations and sustainability practices. In Riyadh, the summit will address how the Middle East is shaping the future of fashion. With half of its population under the age of 30, Saudi Arabia is among the global markets experiencing a youth earthquake. As luxury fashion brands refine their storytelling to tap into this critical area, speakers at the summit also examined how to capture the attention of Generations Z and Alpha; The new retail formats being developed to engage consumers, and the increasing importance of sustainability and mainstreaming for these generations.

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