Prince Abdullah bin Musaed Mosque: A Key Islamic Architectural Landmark in Arar City

The Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Musaed Mosque in Arar City is a notable architectural landmark in the Northern Borders region. Designed in the Islamic style, the mosque is located along the international road westwards towards Jordan and the Levant. The mosque, which is approximately 25 years old, is distinguished by its tall minarets visible to visitors from afar in all directions in Arar city. It has a capacity of accommodating 10,000 worshippers and consists of three floors. The mosque includes a prayer hall for men with a capacity for 8,400 worshippers, restrooms for men and women, a large library, a women's center for Quran memorization, a headquarters for charitable associations, a residence for the imam, a residence for the muezzin, and parking spots for more than 1,600 vehicles. Moreover, the mosque hosts numerous lectures, religious lessons, and Quran memorization circles throughout the year. It has undergone several renovations to preserve its Islamic style, which carries a cultural dimension and enhances the significance of mosques in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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