Visitors at the Prophet's Mosque Expansion Exhibition Get Immersed in History through Modern Tech

The Madinah-based Prophet's Mosque Expansion Exhibition does not introduce Islamic history to visitors only, it uses modern technology to create an enriching and interactive experience for them as well.
Located south of the mosque and spanning 2,200 square meters, the exhibition delves deep into the architectural marvels of this sacred site.
Gone are the static displays of the past. Present-day technology makes possible the use of interactive screens that enable visitors to engage in a dynamic dialogue about the mosque's design and history. These digital guides unveil fascinating details about the pulpit (minbar), mihrab (prayer niche), domes, canopies, doors, and even the call to prayer (adhan).
For those seeking a deeper historical immersion, the exhibition offers a hall dedicated to cinematic screenings of captivating documentaries.
A special hall houses a collection of the rarest and most precious artifacts from the two holy mosques. These treasures offer a tangible connection with the mosque's rich history.
The exhibition aligns with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, and fosters a deeper appreciation for the Prophet's Mosque's architectural wonders and exceptional services it provides.

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