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"Elm" Signed a MOU with Taibah University to Improve Digital Transformation

During LEAP 2024 conference, Elm Company, a pioneer in digital solutions, announced the signing of a framework MOU with Taibah University, one of Saudi Arabia's highest-ranking colleges. The framework agreement intends to strengthen collaboration between the two sides in the academic sectors in research, as well as to establish joint strategic goals in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship to advance knowledge development.

The memorandum was signed by the CEO of Elm Company Dr. Abdulrahman Aljadhai and Nawal bint Mohammed Alrasheed the president of Taibah University, with the aim of unifying bilateral efforts, developing digital transformation strategies and policies, and enhancing business process engineering to improve performance, systems and technical services for the university’s operations. Areas of cooperation also include providing training opportunities for students at Taibah University within the fields in which Elm is active and studying prospects for participation in technical initiatives and events in which the university participates locally and globally.

Elm’s cooperation with educational and research institutions creates an important step, leading to advancing economic and cognitive development, contributing to the graduation of qualified cadres that meet the changing needs of the labor market, and enhancing the role of the academic community in supporting the growth of the national economy. These partnerships are considered an essential element in the process of development and innovation and contribute to the exchange of knowledge and experiences between the two parties to achieve common goals and provide innovative solutions.

Majid bin Saad Al Arifi, the official spokesman and CEO VP of the Marketing Sector at Elm, said: “Signing the memorandum of understanding with Taibah University contributes to achieving the future vision of both parties, which is based on investing in building trained and qualified national cadres, to achieve economic and social development by providing... The integrated digital environment to develop their competencies.”

Al Arifi added: “Through this cooperation, we look forward to utilizing our expertise to improve services and business development at Taibah University and to benefit from the academic and research capabilities of this leading educational institution. We look with confidence at the implications of our cooperation in empowering students, providing them with the necessary experience and skills through training programs, and encouraging them to work.” In creating advanced digital solutions in service of ambitious national visions.”

For his part, Dr. Ibrahim bin Hussein Khawaji, Director of the Department of Local and International Cooperation at Taibah University: “Signing a memorandum of understanding with Elm Company, one of the most important leading companies in the field of digital transformation and development of technical systems, is a strategic goal through which we seek to achieve the goals of the system of partnerships and agreements at Taibah University. This cooperation came to contribute to strengthening the university’s digital infrastructure through engineering procedures and improving academic and administrative processes. We also hope that this cooperation will provide new horizons for developing the human capabilities of male and female university students, through training and development opportunities in qualitative and innovative fields and creating various opportunities for research and innovation in the field of digital transformation and its applications, and to acquire the necessary skills and expertise to meet the challenges of the local labor market. This memorandum is also an expression of the university’s commitment to providing an attractive environment for teaching, learning, research and technical innovation in the Kingdom and enhancing the capabilities of young people in the fields of modern technology and digital transformation.” 

The efforts of Elm, the business solutions partner in the international technical conference “LEAP 2024”, reflect its commitment to enabling a knowledge-based economy and expanding within the educational sector by laying the foundations for academic and research partnerships, meeting the needs and requirements of the sector, and designing innovative solutions that can overcome current and future challenges and supporting digital transformation in the Kingdom.

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