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Amateur Football Championship Kicks off, Featuring 32 Teams and 300 Players

The Hawi Football Championship started today in Riyadh region and will run until June 13, featuring 32 teams and over 300 players and Hawi app members.

 The Marketing and Communication Officer at the National Portal for Hobbies (Hawi), Enad bin Saad Al-Nafi'i, stated that the second launch of the amateur championship in Riyadh follows the success of the Ramadan amateur championships in Jeddah and Riyadh. The goal is to increase participation in sports hobbies, empower enthusiasts, and encourage individuals to take part in future amateur championships and competitions.

 Al-Nafi'i stated that the championship follows a "knockout" format, with the first-place winner receiving 10,000 riyals and the second-place winner receiving 5,000 riyals. The championship targets clubs registered in the Hawi app, sports enthusiasts, and clubs not registered in the application.

 Al-Nafi'i pointed out that the championship aims to increase the number of people engaging in sports hobbies and enable individuals to practice their favorite activities through the application. It also seeks to increase the number of members and clubs in "Hawi," encourage community participation and interaction around the championships, and enhance communication and connections between hobby clubs.

 The hobby sector in the Kingdom has witnessed rapid growth since responsibilities for the sector were assigned to the Quality-of-Life Program Center. This centre, along with 12 government bodies, established the umbrella organization for the hobby sector, Hawi. The Hawi portal works to provide support and empowerment to amateur hobbyists of all genders in various activities and continuously raises awareness of the importance of practicing hobbies.

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