Dr. Talal Al Harbi
The women of the Saudi Arabian General Security in Hajj

They are the mothers, sisters, daughters, and life partners – Saudi women who have proven themselves deserving, demonstrating capability and leadership that has allowed them to enter one field after another. Since the Kingdom embarked on its deserved future, the leaders of the Vision 2030 initiative know well that the future awaits the Kingdom in all its aspects, with no room for secondary roles for any citizen, especially Saudi women. Therefore, with their absolute confidence in Saudi women's ability to achieve what is expected of them, the Kingdom's leaders have provided them with all the necessary preparation, empowerment, and training.

Recently, we have lived special moments of pride and admiration for the Saudi female recruits in the General Security as they engaged in their duties towards their country with honor, carrying the responsibility and disciplined military spirit. The moments, feelings, and situations during this year's Hajj season were beautiful, filled with pride, happiness, and joy. This sends a message that today's Saudi Arabia, moving towards the future, embodies leadership, excellence, determination, and seriousness in achieving success consistently. The presence of these female recruits alongside general security personnel during Hajj is a clear indication that Saudi Arabia has much to offer itself in terms of development, stability, and growth.

The urgent need for female representation in the General Security extends to many areas within the security sector itself. However, the ultimate goal is not only the recruitment of female recruits, but rather the empowerment and arming with knowledge and skills to carry out their assigned duties effectively. A female recruit in the General Security is not just a job but a national mission and duty. During this Hajj season, women have truly been the leading heroines, proving that serving the nation in every field is an honor, pride, and duty. Saudi women are capable, informed, and successful. Their service in the General Security sector is a source of pride, joy, and happiness as they stand shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts, holding arms to protect and serve their nation.

Women serve their country with pride, joy, and satisfaction, bearing arms and protecting the nation alongside fathers, brothers, husbands, and sons because the duty to serve and protect the nation is everyone's responsibility according to their capabilities and roles. The roles played by women in the General Security are significant, offering valuable services. Women in all positions are respected and appreciated for their contributions. Saudi women working in the General Security have earned admiration from all, and women feel comfortable dealing with their fellow female colleagues. As women's capabilities in the security field increase, so does the security of citizens and the state. Therefore, women's work in the security sector complements that of men, with the Ministry of Interior, under the support of His Royal Highness Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud, making significant efforts in this regard. The General Directorate of the General Security, under the leadership of His Excellency Lieutenant General Mohammed Al-Bassami, focuses on the recruitment, training, and support of women in the security sector, providing them with high-level training courses characterized by seriousness and discipline in alignment with the Kingdom's vision and wise leadership. May Allah protect them.

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