Saterah Al-Harisi's Museum Showcases Jazan's Heritage and Cultural Treasures

Museums are windows to nations’ cultural heritage, connecting generations. They transport visitors to times and worlds that shaped civilizations and identities.
In Saudi Arabia, museums are inspiring cultural landmarks that highlight the country's tourism and cultural potential while fostering social cohesion among its diverse population.
Across the Kingdom, a wide range of museums showcases the cultural treasures found in different regions. One such museum is "Saterah Al-Harisi", named after the woman who established it in the Al-Dayer Governorate, Jazan.
Nestled amidst the towering mountains of Al-Hashir, which soar up to 2,300 meters above sea level, this museum offers a glimpse into the local history and traditions.
Saterah's lifelong passion for heritage and craftsmanship has led her to embrace traditional crafts as both a hobby and a profession. At a time when many traditional trades are disappearing, she is dedicated to preserving a variety of crafts through her museum.
The museum houses a collection of works that showcase the art of leather crafting and tanning, alongside artifacts dating back over 150 years. These artifacts are testament to the significant role women played in the mountainous region of Jazan and their involvement in various aspects of life.
The museum also features traditional ornaments and accessories, such as jewelry, prayer beads, and decorative items for homes and cars.
According to Saterah, her private museum is home to 2,000 pieces crafted from leather and palm fronds. Among the items on display are agricultural tools, cooking pots, measuring tools, traditional clothing, and antique women's jewelry. The museum also showcases a range of tools used in the process of coffee harvesting, roasting, and preparation, along with wooden utensils.
Saterah's passion for handicrafts and expertise in embroidery, tanning, and leatherwork have fueled her dedication to establishing her museum and collecting historical artifacts. Her collection, a significant treasure trove, holds great historical value.

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