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Prophet’s Mosque Parking Lots: Magnificent Engineering Feat, Expansive Network

The parking facilities of the Prophet’s Mosque were meticulously designed with unique and exquisite geometric shapes that complement the surroundings.

 Spanning two floors beneath the courtyards of the Mosque, the parking lots boast a sophisticated network of entrances, exits, and roads that connect in both directions. The infrastructure is extensive and aims to facilitate access for visitors to the Prophet’s Mosque.

 Covering a vast area of approximately 199,000 square meters, the parking lots are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, including 679 modern cameras, over 800 fire extinguishers, 190 fire hoses, and around 23,000 fireproof blankets to ensure safety and security. Parking facilities feature 112 escalators and 12 elevators that provide access to the courtyards of the Prophet’s Mosque

 Comprising 24 parking units, eight of which are reserved for subscribers and 16 for immediate payment, each unit can accommodate approximately 184 cars. There is a dedicated parking space (No. 1) for people with disabilities.

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