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Saudi Arabia to Host Groundbreaking Protected Areas Forum ‘Hima’ on April 21-24

Saudi Arabia is set to host the inaugural Protected Areas Forum ‘Hima’, a landmark event in the region dedicated to the preservation and conservation of natural habitats and wildlife. Under the patronage of Engineer Abdulrahman Al-Fadli, Minister of Environment, Water, and Agriculture, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Center for Wildlife (NCW), the forum will take place in Riyadh from April 21-24, 2024. This significant milestone will bring together local and international participants, marking the Kingdom's

 growing commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability.

 The forum will feature an extensive agenda of panel discussions and presentations by renowned experts in the field of protected areas from around the world.

 Attendees will include representatives from protected areas, educational institutions, major projects, companies, and the non-profit sector.

 Dr. Mohammed Qurban, CEO of the National Center for Wildlife, highlighted the organization of the Hima forum as a testament to the Kingdom's leading position in global environmental initiatives and its alignment with NCW's mandate as the national authority for the wildlife sector. “This initiative is part of a strategic plan to enhance the national system for protected areas, setting a clear direction for the Kingdom's efforts to safeguard vital natural sites for biodiversity.”

 Dr. Qurban emphasized the Kingdom's ambitious 30x30 goal, aimed at protecting 30% of Saudi Arabia's land and sea area by 2030, as announced during the Green Saudi Initiative. This goal underscores the Kingdom's dedication to global biodiversity goals and environmental sustainability. The roadmap includes specific targets for the protection of land and marine areas by 2025 and 2030, demonstrating a proactive approach towards conservation.

 The forum will serve as a platform for global leaders in protected area management to exchange knowledge and best practices, fostering collaboration and ensuring

 alignment with international standards. Dr. Qurban emphasized the importance of engaging with international experts to enhance the planning and management of protected areas, ultimately leading to more effective conservation efforts with far-reaching environmental,

 social, and developmental impacts.

 Since its establishment in 2019, the National Center for Wildlife has been dedicated to implementing strategic plans to address the challenges facing wildlife and marine ecosystems. With a vision for flourishing and sustainable wildlife and biodiversity, NCW is committed to preserving environmental systems and enhancing community engagement to achieve long-term environmental sustainability and maximize societal and economic benefits.

 Hima represents a significant step towards advancing environmental conservation efforts in Saudi Arabia and beyond. By fostering collaboration, sharing expertise,

 and setting ambitious goals, the Kingdom is poised to make a lasting impact on biodiversity preservation and environmental sustainability for future generations.

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