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Jazan Celebrates Two Decades of Tropical Fruit Success with 20th Mango and Tropical Fruits Festival

The Jazan Region, spearheaded by Sabya Governorate, is gearing up to celebrate the 20th edition of its highly anticipated Mango and Tropical Fruits Festival.

 This long-standing tradition, organized by the regional branch of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MEWA) in partnership with various local entities, starts this coming Thursday at the Sabya governorate's cultural center.

 A Festival with Tradition

 The festival holds a special place in Jazan's history. First held in May 2005, the inaugural edition served as a catalyst, sparking increased interest in cultivating and expanding the production of mangoes and other tropical fruits. It also helped empower local farmers and resonated with the Kingdom's Vision 2030 goals of promoting social and economic development.

 Cultivating Success

 Since the festival's inception, mango cultivation in Jazan has witnessed phenomenal growth. In 2005, the region had only 250,000 trees and produced 30 varieties of mangoes, with an annual yield of roughly 18,000 tons. Fast forward to 2024, the landscape has transformed dramatically. The number of mango farmers has skyrocketed to 19,109, and over 1 million trees now grace the region. This translates to a staggering annual mango production exceeding 65,000 tons.

 Beyond Mangoes

 The festival's impact extends beyond mangoes. The region has witnessed the flourishing of other tropical fruits, driven by their economic viability.

 Jazan currently boasts 500,000 fig trees yielding 2,500 tons annually, alongside 1.2 million banana trees producing approximately 18,000 tons per year. Guava, papaya, and quince cultivation also contribute significantly, with annual production figures of 60 tons, 32,500 tons, and 20 tons, respectively, from 6,000, 650,000 and 4,000 trees. In total, the region cultivates over 3.36 million trees of six key tropical fruit varieties.

 MEWA's Pioneering Role

 MEWA, through its regional branch, has played a pivotal role in this agricultural success story. Over the past four decades, it has diligently conducted research and disseminated knowledge to support farmers and expand tropical fruit cultivation.

 The Agricultural Research Center at Jazan branch has been instrumental in introducing new varieties of tropical and subtropical fruit trees, conducting field studies, and providing laboratory analysis to ensure optimal results. These efforts have yielded highly competitive fruit varieties, consistently surpassing the quality of imported options available in local markets.

 The 20th edition of the Mango and Tropical Fruits Festival serves as testament to Jazan's remarkable agricultural transformation. The festival celebrates the region's dedication to cultivating a diverse range of delicious, high-quality fruits, and contributing to the Kingdom's broader economic and social development goals.

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