Rainy Weather in Al-Baha Encourages Citizens, Visitors to Enjoy Good Times

The rainy weather in Al-Baha Region today attracted residents and visitors to parks and gardens to enjoy and spend time in beautiful nature.
A photographer from the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) captured scenes of the rainy weather, the atmosphere between rainy and cloudy in Al-Baha, and the residents and visitors of the region going out to watch the valleys flow, enjoy the pleasant atmosphere, and the blowing of gentle breezes that cast shadows of joy and draw smiles on the faces of adults and children.
These days, the region has donned its most beautiful clothes, as its green mountains are covered in a beautiful mixture of sounds, colors, and sweet smells, harmonizing to draw smiles and happiness on the faces of its visitors amid the celebrations and festivals that cover the parks and forests of the region, in light of the increasing number of visitors to it daily from inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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