Ahmed Hamdan, Co-founder and CEO of Unifonic

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Unifonic: Shaping the Future of SaaS Integrations in the MENA Region

- What is Unifonic's position in the current SaaS market of this region? 

The market for Software as a service (SaaS) in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is expanding significantly due to the increased popularity of new-generation digital models. Saudi Arabia’s SaaS market is projected to grow by 18 percent between 2024 and 2028.

This presents a significant opportunity for local players in sectors like financial services, retail, hospitality, transport and logistics, real estate, and healthcare, with governments in the region seeking to promote local entrepreneurs and startups.

After fortifying our position in the region, we have established ourselves as a dominant player in the SaaS industry. With over 5,000 business customers, Unifonic has enabled over ten billion interactions in over 190 countries.

- Do you believe that SaaS solutions will become the new critical assets for industries undergoing digital transformation?

SaaS solutions are already playing a critical role in the digital transformation of industries, and they are likely to become even more essential in the future. With our commitment to innovation and customer-centricity, we are witnessing firsthand how SaaS is revolutionizing industries, offering scalability, cost-effectiveness and agility.

Our focus on providing seamless communication solutions underscores the transformative power of SaaS in enhancing business operations and driving growth. Embracing SaaS is a strategic imperative for businesses navigating the digital landscape. At Unifonic, we are dedicated to leading this change.

- What are the upcoming AI-powered solutions that Unifonic is working on to redefine how brands connect with their customers?

We are transforming the way in which brands interact with customers through our customer journey automation solutions powered by conversational AI. In today’s multibillion-dollar Internet of Things (IoT) industry, artificial intelligence (AI) is widely used for everything ranging from industrial anomaly detection to speech-based user interfaces.

We offer a wide range of AI-powered conversational automation solutions that empower customers and ensure maximum value. Through our unique offerings, Unifonic is transforming the relationship between brands and customers and creating a personalized communication ecosystem that goes beyond conventional limits. 

At LEAP, we demonstrate our cutting-edge customer journey automation solutions, focusing on Conversational Marketing and Customer Care Automation. These innovative approaches are driven by advanced AI technologies and robust SaaS integrations eco-system rather than solely relying on conventional methods. With the help of our multichannel campaigns, customers can automate and orchestrate personalized and contextual campaigns at scale across channels such as WhatsApp, Voice and SMS to ensure marketeers maximize the return on investment on martech and performance marketing efforts. Our customer engagement platform is designed to help enterprises acquire customers, engage with them and build loyalty to ensure high lifetime value.


What are Unifonic’s short-term, and long-term plans for KSA regarding market growth/expansion?

Unifonic was founded in KSA in 2006 and is a proud Saudi company. The kingdom remains one of our key markets for business and operations. Unifonic is fully committed to the Saudi Vision 2030 and strives to accelerate digital transformation for public and private enterprises in the Middle East. That’s why we have launched X by Unifonic, a technology Seed Stage venture fund+, with the primary objective of supporting the growth and success of innovative, scalable and high-growth SaaS B2B startups within the MENAPT region. The emphasis is on startups that can benefit from Unifonic's hands-on approach and extensive network.

Unifonic is redefining customer engagement with a unique omnichannel experience. The company is committed to effectively resolving customer issues and modernizing user engagement in KSA and beyond.

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