Farhan Al Shammari*
"The Founding day" A Journey of Unity, Progress, and Pride

The First Saudi State was founded by Imam Muhammad bin Saud in the city of Diriyah on February 22, 1727. This day is commemorated yearly as the Founding Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Then, on September 23, 1932, the leader King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud established the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. King Abdulaziz set off on an expedition that would change his people's destiny for all time, driven by his vision of uniting the Arabian Peninsula and creating a flourishing nation.

Following three centuries of  advancement, growth, development, and building are increased under the leadeship of King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, may God protect them.  As they create the auspicious "Vision 2030," may God support and lead them to virtue. 

This auspicious day provides an opportunity to commemorate the creation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a country with a bright future, a rich past, and a vibrant culture.

Since its establishment, Saudi Arabia has made incredible strides in every area. The country has become a global powerhouse as a result of its strong economy. 

It actively supports humanitarian activities, promotes international cooperation, and plays a crucial role in international organizations. 

Thanks  the vision and tenacity of its leaders, the kingdom has undergone a remarkable journey of transformation. Happy anniversary! May the road of our country always be bright with harmony and prosperity.

* Farhan Hassan Al Shammari

Twitter: @farhan_939

E-mail: fhshasn@gmail.com

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