Hadhramaut, Yemen - SPA
KSrelief Provides Eid Al-Adha Clothing Vouchers to Orphans' Families in Hadhramaut

The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) distributed clothing vouchers for Eid Al-Adha to families of orphans in the governorate of Hadhramaut, Yemen, on Friday.

 This assistance is part of the Sanad Project, which aims to provide care for orphans affected by the conflict in Yemen.

 Each family received a voucher to purchase clothes from various shops, allowing them to choose items that suit their preferences and bring them joy and happiness during the Eid celebrations.

 The Sanad Project seeks to improve the humanitarian situation for orphans, provide them with a safe and stable environment, while educating them and ensuring their active participation in society.

 It also aims to support their livelihoods through various activities and programs, benefiting 770 individuals.

 This project is part of the relief and humanitarian efforts undertaken by Saudi Arabia through the KSrelief to extend care for orphans and provide them with decent living conditions.

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