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Al-Duwayd Mosque, A Witness to Oldest Historical Mosques in Najdi Style

The historic Al-Duwayd Mosque in the archaeological village of Al-Duwayd, located 20 kilometres east of Al-Uwaiqila Governorate, in the northern border region, is considered one of the oldest mosques in the region, on an area of 137.5 square metres.

 The architecture of Al-Duwayd Mosque established seven decades ago, is distinguished by the Najdi style, which features clay construction techniques and uses natural materials to cope with the local environment and the hot desert climate.

 The southern side of the mosque walls has small windows, forming a strip line to allow sunlight and heat to reduce cold snaps, with a low-height ceiling to maintain warmth in the winter.

 The historical importance of the mosque is referred to its location in the village of Al-Duwayd, which is one of the oldest villages and important historical sites in the northern border region and water resources, as it encompasses about 200 wells that were a resource for the people of the desert in the past and was a meeting point for the merchants of Najd, Iraq and the Levant about seven decades ago.

 The village includes the oldest civil airport established in the northern border region and one of the oldest airports in the Kingdom, with its ruins still remaining today. The "Market for Watching" is also located in the village, which has remnant ruins.

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