Lighting of Prophet's Mosque Represents Islamic Architectural Art

The lighting of the Prophet's Mosque constitutes a form of beauty and Islamic architecture, a prominent landmark and a unique art that forms part of the mosque's identity. It is expressed through light units, chandeliers, and lanterns bearing the name of Allah and inscriptions in Arabic calligraphy inspired by Islamic architectural art, which enhances the place's beauty and uniqueness to the point that it appears as a magnificent art masterpiece.
The Prophet's Mosque contains more than 30 types of lighting units, with a total number exceeding 138,000 units. The most notable are the 300 chandeliers of various sizes and more than 10,000 lighting units bearing the name of Allah, placed in the upper corners of the architectural arches inside the mosque and its corridors.
The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) spotted various lighting units in different shapes, sizes, and electrical capacities throughout the Prophet's Mosque, its courtyards, and affiliated facilities.
The General Authority for the Care of the Prophet's Mosque seeks to apply globally approved lighting specifications, stemming from the commitment of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud's government, to improving the services provided by the Prophet's Mosque.

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