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Non-Profit Sector in Saudi Arabia Witnesses Remarkable Growth in First Half of 2024

The National Center for Non-Profit Sector has reported significant growth in the non-profit sector in the first half of 2024. During this period, 46 new civil associations, five civil institutions, and ten family funds were registered across various development fields in the Kingdom. The total number of registered non-profit organizations now stands at 4,942, with an increase in the number of volunteers reaching 105,000 individuals.

 The center praised the efforts of stakeholders in the non-profit sector during the 1445 AH Hajj season. Collaborating with the Hajj and Umrah organization and other relevant entities, these efforts facilitated Hajj rituals for nearly two million pilgrims.

 Additionally, the center joined the Siqaya and Rifadah committees, which are responsible for overseeing non-profit activities related to water and food distribution for pilgrims. The committee approved over 70 non-profit organizations to provide these services during Hajj.

 The centre acted against certain non-profit organizations and individuals in its regulatory role. This included issuing warnings, dissolving boards of directors, appointing temporary boards, revoking licenses, and issuing violations for improper fundraising practices.

 Last month, the center referred 11 social media influencers to relevant authorities for promoting donations to non-profit organizations without proper disclosure, violating advertising requirements on social media platforms.

 The center reaffirmed its commitment to collaborating with all parties to ensure transparent oversight of donation collection and disbursement. It emphasized the importance of non-profit sector compliance with regulations, guidelines, and procedures.

 The center encourages everyone to engage in collaborative efforts. By working together, including the center, individuals, and non-profit organizations, all parties can foster the growth of the non-profit sector and amplify its social and economic impact. This collective approach will contribute to achieving Saudi Arabia's national goals.

 To reach the center, individuals can contact their call center at 19918, visit the website at ncnp.gov.sa, or connect through their social media accounts.

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