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Saudi Museums Commission Announces Dr. Hartwig Fischer as Founding Director of Museum Specialized in World Cultures at King Salman Park in Riyadh

The Saudi Museums Commission announced in a press release today the appointment of Dr. Hartwig Fischer as the founding director of a museum focused on world cultures, set to open in 2026 in the Royal Arts Complex situated in King Salman Park, now under construction in Riyadh. Fischer will set the foundations for the museum and lead it, based on his global expertise in leading international cultural institutions and museums.

 Fischer, according to the release, has extensive experience spanning decades of curating exhibitions, leading cultural institutions, and spearheading innovative initiatives aimed at promoting dialogue and appreciation across cultures. Under his guidance, the museum will serve as a dynamic hub for cultural exchange, offering innovative programming, educational initiatives, and collaborative partnerships to inspire curiosity, appreciation, and admiration for the world's diverse cultural traditions.

 With its striking 110-meter-high building designed by Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill, the museum will offer visitors a unique opportunity to explore world cultures through themes relevant to all humankind. It endeavors to relate Saudi and Arabian Peninsula heritage and highlight the cultures that have emerged and expanded over time from Africa across Asia, Europe, Oceania, and the Americas. It will offer visitors an extraordinary opportunity to explore human universals and shared values, and the fascinating diversity of achievements across millennia and across the globe.

 As Saudi Arabia embarks on an unprecedented journey of cultural transformation, the establishment of such a museum, added the release, represents a pivotal moment in the Kingdom's cultural renaissance. This flagship museum, which will constitute an iconic landmark within the Royal Arts Complex and King Salman Park, will play an important role in enriching the Kingdom's burgeoning cultural landscape. The museum also epitomizes the Saudi Museums Commission's commitment to establishing state-of-the-art museums that celebrate global heritage and foster cross-cultural dialogue and understanding.

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