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Intigral continues to deliver on its Growth Strategy, Alongside Record Rise in Viewership

In an industry characterized by intensifying competition and rapid expansion, digital streaming companies are continually vying for audience attention. Intigral, a subsidiary of stc Group, is captivating more viewers throughout the MENA region. Building on its recent achievements, Intigral is forging ahead with its expansion plans across the MENA region to solidify its presence within and beyond the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Turning its platforms into a safe destination for families to come together and enjoy quality entertainment, Intigral successfully grew its viewer base. During Ramadan 2024, stc tv and Jawwy TV saw an 80% surge in active viewers compared to the previous year. Viewership on big screens jumped by 150% during the month, compared to 2023. 

This growth underscores the captivating appeal of the diverse Arabic content accessible on both platforms. Featuring popular shows like Shabab Al Bomb 12, Baten w Daher 2, Mohareb, Al Khen, and more. Intigral platforms delivered the latest and most relevant Arabic content as part of a rich library of over 28,000 video-on-demand titles, and more than 150 live channels, including premier networks like Rotana, MBC, SBC, and others to complement the viewing experience during Ramadan.

Intigral adopts a Master Aggregation strategy, seeking to solve customer pain points, such as the excess of choices. stc tv and Jawwy TV offer an integrated streaming experience with access to linear channels (Live TV) and on-demand content (VOD), and extra features, including the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and the ‘Rewind’ and ‘Remind Me’ features. 

Growing with the market 

Over the past few years, Intigral platforms have gained increasing popularity among MENA families. The company is now focused on expanding its streaming experience to more viewers across key MENA markets, with the goal of securing a larger share of MENA’s media and entertainment market, projected to reach USD 41.34 billion in 2024 (according to research by Statista). 

Intigral is expanding its streaming services through 'stc tv' in stc Group territories (KSA, Kuwait, and Bahrain) and 'Jawwy TV' in other key MENA markets, including Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Oman, and Jordan to name a few.

To resonate with diverse audience segments, Intigral adopts a content curation approach that considers the diverse mix sought after by families in the region. Its platforms leverage its digital capabilities to bring viewers more personalization.

Within Intigral’s expansion strategy, is an ambition to further growth and innovation. The company’s dedication to providing exclusive, quality content and engaging experiences sets it apart, making it a compelling and attractive streaming entertainment service in the Kingdom and throughout the MENA region.

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