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HyperPay Signs Collaboration Agreement with Capital Bank to Expand Payment Gateway Services for Merchants

HyperPay, the leading payment gateway provider in the MENA region, signed a collaboration agreement with Capital Bank intending to drive the future of streamlined payment gateway services for merchants. The collaboration marks a significant step in the journey of both parties, as they will make combined efforts to develop the payment landscape for merchants. 

The collaboration will enhance the online payment gateway services, offering benefits to both merchants and consumers. By leveraging Capital Bank’s digital payment acceptance services, HyperPay seeks to deliver a seamless and efficient payment gateway experience, solidifying its commitment to empowering businesses and ensuring a secure and seamless transaction experience. 

The agreement covers three key areas to provide the highest quality services to both merchants and customers. The initial focus of the collaboration is the optimisation of payment gateway services. This enables HyperPay and Capital Bank to offer enhanced payment gateway services that can meet the evolving requirements of merchants. The second focus area is the enhancement of merchant experience, in line with which both parties will prioritise ensuring a user-friendly payment experience through its services that promote customer satisfaction and foster loyalty. Finally, it aims to offer secure and reliable transactions by integrating Capital Bank’s digital payment acceptance services with HyperPay’s advanced technology. It will also help in instilling confidence in both merchants and customers alike.

Muhannad Ebwini, Founder and CEO of HyperPay said: “At HyperPay, our strategies and initiatives come in line with our keenness for empowering businesses and facilitating seamless transactions. Our recent collaboration with Capital Bank is a testament to our commitment to achieving excellence through technological synergy. This partnership combines Capital Bank’s acquiring expertise with HyperPay’s cutting-edge technologies, aiming to redefine merchant payment experiences. Our goal is not only to enhance transactional efficiency but also to elevate the overall journey for both merchants and customers. We are dedicated to delivering secure, reliable, and innovative payment solutions that promote customer satisfaction and loyalty. As we embark on this journey with Capital Bank, we are excited to exceed the evolving needs of merchants in the present dynamic business landscape.” 

Rajaei Ajjour, Chief Payments & Acquiring Officer at Capital Bank - Jordan & Iraq, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "This strategic partnership with HyperPay underscores Capital Bank's commitment to elevating payment gateway services. By integrating our digital payment acceptance services with HyperPay's advanced technologies, we aim to empower merchants with efficient, secure, and seamless transaction experiences. This collaboration is a testament to our dedication to fostering innovation and providing unparalleled value to both merchants and consumers."

HyperPay is renowned in the MENA region for its distinguished services that support companies to accept payments from customers rapidly, securely, and seamlessly. With a significant focus on advanced technologies, the company offers online payments, mobile payments, point-of-sale solutions, and value-added services, such as fraud protection, chargeback management, and data analytics.

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