Research, Development, Innovation Authority Calls on Researchers, Innovators to Participate in Open RAN Challenge

The Research, Development, and Innovation Authority (RDIA) invites researchers and innovators to participate in the "Open RAN Challenge." The challenge aims to find solutions to turn innovative ideas into practical technologies, driving growth and technological progress. This challenge aligns with the RDIA's commitment to promoting research, development, and innovation as a national priority in the context of "Future Economies."
The challenge areas include Security Protocol Analysis in Open RAN, Dynamic Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Open RAN Deployments, Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication (URLLC) in Open RAN, Advanced Antenna Technologies, and Edge Computing Integration.
Through the challenge, RDIA aims to promote innovation and teamwork in the field of open RAN, assess current academic and industrial capabilities to contribute to the future of mobile communications, build an effective network of collaboration between different academic institutions, and form strong links between academics and industry specialists in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Those interested in participating should submit abstracts and team information by July 15. For more details, visit

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