Religious Affairs Presidency Enhances Guidance through Electronic Screens at Two Holy Mosques during Ramadan

The Presidency for Religious Affairs at the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque is using interactive electronic screens with intelligent applications that guide, help with advice, and raise awareness among worshippers, enriching the religious experience of millions of Umrah performers and visitors, especially during Ramadan.
Through the screens, visitors are taught the correct doctrine, Sharia law rulings, and virtuous manners. They also highlight the importance of tolerance and moderation, and help visitors perform their worship and rituals according to Sharia law.
The presidency informed that visitors and Umrah performers can now access electronic books, scientific lessons, preacher sermons, and information on Sharia law in various languages. The materials are available on interactive electronic screens.
The aim is to help understand Islam correctly, teach its rulings, promote moderation, and glorify the two holy mosques.
The interactive electronic screens, available in multiple languages, have played a significant role in spreading the moderate religious message of the two holy mosques across the globe. They have enhanced the religious experience at the two holy mosques by providing various digital platforms for Muslims worldwide to access and learn from.

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