115,000 Beneficiaries of Makkah's Ajyad Dawah Association Programs during Hajj Season 1445 AH

The Association for Dawah, Guidance, and Community Awareness in Ajyad, Makkah, has had 115,737 beneficiaries from the beginning of this year's Hajj season (1445 AH) through today, the nineteenth of Dhu al-Hijjah. These beneficiaries are pilgrims who have come to perform the Hajj rituals.
Makkah's Ajyad Dawah Association provides pilgrims with translated Qurans, hospitality, and gifts. The association supplies healthcare bags for hospitalized pilgrims in Makkah in coordination with the Makkah Health Cluster.
The association offers electronic projects to teach Hajj and Umrah rituals and raise awareness among pilgrims. The association also implements volunteer initiatives with 50 volunteers.

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