Thousands of Workers, Volunteers Serve Worshipers at Prophet's Mosque

Thousands of workers and volunteers from various entities and sectors endeavor to serve worshipers and visitors to the Prophet's Mosque around the clock so they can carry out their rituals comfortably.
They manage crowds during peak hours, distribute Zamzam water bottles and Iftar meals, clean and sterilize the mosque's courtyards, corridors and carpets, help the elderly and people with disabilities, provide wheelchairs and electric carts at various locations, as well as transportation services.
Workers in operations rooms, which are linked to the teams working inside the mosque, follow up on the maintenance work, and the functioning of lighting fixtures, air conditioning, and loudspeakers. They operate the escalators and mist fans, when the weather requires, and conduct real-time monitoring of parking lots under the mosque.
The Saudi Press Agency lens captured scenes of the services provided.

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