Red Sea Film Festival Announces Deadline Extension for Participating in Jeddah 48Hr Film Challenge

The Red Sea International Film Festival has extended the submission period for the fourth edition of the "48-Hour Film Challenge" to July 7, 2024. The challenge is a collaborative effort between the Red Sea International Film Festival, the French Consulate in Jeddah, and the Alliance Française aimed at inspiring emerging talents to explore innovative concepts in independent filmmaking.
The festival is now accepting applications from Saudi filmmakers and residents aged 18 to 25. Participants will have access to virtual artistic workshops and guidance programs covering filmmaking, writing, editing, and production. Afterwards, teams will have 48 hours to create a film from concept to final edit.
Additionally, the French Consulate in Jeddah will provide 15 selected team members with two days of professional workshops in Jeddah and Riyadh. These workshops, conducted by experts from France and Saudi Arabia, will include film screenings and industry discussions.
An international jury of directors and filmmakers will select the winners, who will have the opportunity to attend the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in France in 2025. Furthermore, winning films will be screened at the Red Sea International Film Festival in December 2024.
To register for the fourth edition of the 48-Hour Film Challenge, interested participants can visit the Red Sea International Film Festival website using the following link: The submission guidelines for this cinematic adventure can be found there.

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