Arabian Oryx Calf Thrives After Return to Ancestral Home South of Historic Lena

In the heart of the Imam Turki bin Abdullah Royal Nature Reserve, south of the historic village of Lena, life has returned to the valleys and plains of the Taysiyah region with the reintroduction of the Arabian oryx to its natural habitat. This significant environmental achievement, which has been absent from the region for decades, contributes to restoring ecological balance and enriching biodiversity within the reserve, the second-largest of its kind in Saudi Arabia.
Spanning a vast 91,500 square kilometers, the reserve provides a unique desert environment and a safe haven for a diverse array of wildlife, including herds of gazelles, Arabian oryx, red-necked ostriches, and numerous other native and migratory birds and animals. The return and natural breeding of the Arabian oryx in this protected environment are a testament to the success of conservation efforts to preserve this rare species, once threatened with extinction due to poaching and habitat loss.

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