Royal Commission for Makkah Launches Support Projects for Hajj Season

The Royal Commission for Makkah City and Holy Sites is implementing support projects for the 1445AH Hajj season that aim to enhance services for pilgrims and improve their overall experience.
The commission announced its operational plan for Makkah Buses to support transportation during the Hajj season. The plan covers 400 buses across 12 routes, totaling over 580 kilometers, with four main stations and 438 strategically placed bus stops. Additional buses were designated for areas experiencing high passenger volumes.
The operational plan includes route modifications to integrate with other transportation services and to adapt to traffic and passenger flow changes. An emergency plan was devised, incorporating preventive measures, response plans, and an alert system to ensure the safety and efficiency of services.
To support the transportation sector, the commission has prepared high-capacity sites for Careem taxi stands during the Hajj season. Taxi operation contracts were issued to facilitate smooth transportation for pilgrims. Light transportation means, such as scooters, were provided on three dedicated routes to aid movement between the Holy Sites.
In addition, the "Kidana Al-Wadi" project, consisting of 10 residential towers near the Jamarat facility in Mina, was completed by Kidana Development Company, the executive arm of the Royal Commission for Makkah City and Holy Sites. The project aims to improve services for pilgrims, enhance the urban landscape, and facilitate movement around the site.
Furthermore, several health service projects were undertaken, including installing cooling pedestrian walkways and flexible rubber floors in the Holy Sites and providing umbrellas to reduce heat-related injuries. Kidney dialysis points here established in the Holy Sites to provide services to pilgrims and Umrah performers, and efforts have been made to govern and enhance the sacrificial animal system.
Lastly, mosques in Al-Hil's area were prepared to enhance the quality of the experience for pilgrims of the Two Holy Mosques.

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