Makkah - SPA
8,000 Speakers Amplify the Sound System at the Grand Mosque

The sound system of the Grand Mosque is responsible for transmitting various audio messages such as the call to prayer, the iqama, prayers, and sermons. To ensure its smooth operation, more than 120 engineers and technicians monitor it permanently before each prayer. The sound network consists of over 8,000 speakers installed inside the Grand Mosque, its courtyards, new expansions, and surrounding roads.

 The high-sensitivity pickups capture the voices of Muezzins (callers) and Imams at the Grand Mosque in Makkah. The sound balance is adjusted daily to ensure quality sound throughout the mosque.

 Several maintenance engineers supervise backup microphones installed around the clock to ensure the sound source keeps working even in case of a malfunction. In addition, a sound balance is maintained within the Mataf area using the surrounding speakers.

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