Grand Mosque Bustles with Iftar Activity at Ramadan's Onset

At sunset on the first day of Ramadan, a surge of activity filled the Grand Mosque in Makkah. Fasting Muslims, including Umrah pilgrims, worshippers, and visitors, gathered around iftar tables spread throughout the mosque, its corridors, and courtyards. The rising Maghrib call to prayer signalled the joyous breaking of fasts.
Philanthropists and generous donors readily provided iftar meals, reflecting the spirit of community and mutual support. Rows of iftar tables stretched across the Grand Mosque, symbolizing the nobility of Islam and its emphasis on human values. Volunteers enthusiastically served meals to guests, seeking to unite them at a common table. This effort involved a seamless collaboration between government, private, and volunteer sectors.
As the call to prayer echoed and a sense of serenity filled the atmosphere, thousands of worshippers gathered to perform the Maghrib prayer in a remarkable scene of devotion. Meanwhile, dedicated teams swiftly removed the iftar tables, ensuring the mosque was prepared for the evening prayer, all within a record time.

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