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Gexpo Awarded Best Workplace Certification for 2024

Gexpo has been awarded the Best Workplace Certification by Great Place to Work for the year 2024. This recognition comes following the company’s ongoing efforts since its inception to create an exceptional work environment that promotes empowerment, excellence, and teamwork.

Gexpo’s Co-founder, Ghada Al-Rashid, expressed her happiness with the employees' trust granted to the company, attributing the achievement of this certification to their contributions. Through this recognition, Gexpo reaffirms its commitment to providing all the resources to foster a great and motivating work culture that encourages creativity and innovation. The company invests in developing and empowering its employees, ensuring they have a healthy and attractive work environment that enables them to perform their tasks with confidence and pride, considering that they are the company's most valuable asset.

Al-Rashid added, "Our personnel is the cornerstone on which we build. We constantly strive to elevate professional standards, develop and train our staff, and enhance the internal work environment, which remains our top priority. This spirit has been ingrained in the company’s strategy since the day it was founded ten years ago, aiming to create a work culture that enhances performance and professionalism by securing the best practices that meet employees' expectations and achieve professional growth and development. We are immensely proud to receive this certification from a prestigious organization like Great Place to Work. It motivates us to outline clear plans for more programs and initiatives that boost our employees' ambition, develop their skills and capabilities, and ensure a distinguished work environment that fosters creativity and significant achievements."

In conclusion, Al-Rashid noted that this certification from Best Places To Work gains its importance from being issued by a highly reliable global entity that uses precise and rigorous evaluation methodologies through internal surveys. These surveys measure various aspects, including the overall relationship between employees and management, the level of respect employees feel from the company's management, and their perceptions regarding professional support, cooperation, and involvement in decision-making. Additionally, it meets the standards of human resources practices and employee experience.

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